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Manthan Publication, is in the business of Educational, Conducting Competitive Examinations and General books Publication products. Over the 10 years, the company has built a strong brand in Publications gained a leadership position in Standard 1st  to  Std 8th.  level

Since 2000, Manthan has been a major force in the dissemination of knowledge. It is a dominant player in the field of publishing with more than 100 titles in English, Marathi Languages.

Over the decade, Manthan has emerged as a preferred brand for Educational Products among teachers, students and guardians in Maharashtra. The company's products are sold under the brand names of .`Manthan,’ “Saptahik Dnyanvant’, “Manthan Talent Search Exam” It's portfolio of Educational based Books include high quality supplementary books like Digests (Guides), Workbooks (Question Sets), most of which are published in languages - English, Marathi and Semi-English. The company has a started door to door service namely “Manthan at your door”. In Maharashtra.

In today's Information Technology era which creates knowledge based society, competitive examination is the easy way to keep our knowledge updated. This way we can evaluate our quality and knowledge level. Nowadays talent search and educational development among students is only possible with the help of private competitive examinations due to decision of change in examination pattern as per Central Government Right to Education act 2009. At school level, changes in the education system and evaluation method are only beneficial for average students. Competitive exam is the only way to judge the talent of extra ordinary student.  This is need of time to have aptitude based competitive exam in order to prepare these curious student to various future exams like medical, engineering, MPSC,UPSC, MBA, CAT etc.
Importance of these exams is not limited to students. Parents and Teacher also became part of this process. These exams help Parent/Teacher in identifying talent, deficiency, confidence, decision power and understanding of student. Considering these trends, parent can guide and develop child's interest in particular area.

 Most of the alert & aware parent did not like to decision of changing traditional examination evaluation process and become suspicious on accurate evaluation of their child based on new evaluation methods. Today’s parent using different evaluation techniques themselves in order to nurture skills, talents and give justice to inventiveness of the child so that child will not lag behind in today’s competition world. In order to increase thirst of knowledge, parent make their child participate in various competitions. Due to this heavy demand from such parents and teachers, Manthan Publication working actively in the field of education by conducting various competitive exams for all mediums(Marathi, English, Semi-English) since last many years from standard 2 to 8. We shall be expecting your active participation in this project.

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