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1. Operations Manager – 2

Job Responsibilities
1. Oversee daily operations and ensure efficiency across all departments.
2. Develop and implement strategies to optimize productivity and streamline processes Manage budgets, resources, and logistics to meet organizational goals.
3.Foster a positive work culture and lead by example to inspire team members.

1. Business Administration or related field
2. Proven experience in operations management, preferably in a similar industry Strong leadership and communication skills
3. Proficiency in MS Office and other relevant software

2. Accountant-1

Job Responsibilities:

1. Maintain accurate financial records and prepare financial reports
2. Manage accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and tax filings
3. Conduct financial analysis to identify trends and opportunities for improvement
4. Ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulations

Education Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance
2. certification preferred

Experience Requirement :
1. Minimum of 2 years of accounting experience
2. Proficiency in accounting software such as Tally

3. Store Keeper – 2

Job Responsibilities:
1. Receive, inspect, and organize incoming inventory
2. Monitor stock levels and coordinate with suppliers for replenishment Ensure proper storage and handling of goods to prevent damage or loss Perform regular inventory audits and maintain accurate records

1. High school diploma or equivalent.
2. Previous experience in warehouse management or inventory control Attention to detail and basic math skills
3. Ability to operate forklifts or other warehouse equipment (preferred)

4. Helper – 5

Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist with various tasks as directed by supervisors Maintain cleanliness and organization in the workplace Support other team members to ensure smooth operations Follow safety protocols and guidelines at all times

Education Requirements:
1. No specific education requirement
2. Willingness to learn and adapt to different responsibilities
3. Strong work ethic and reliability
4.Physical stamina to perform manual tasks

5. Back Office Executive – 3

Job Responsibilities:
1. Handle administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, and correspondence Coordinate with other departments to ensure seamless workflow
2. Assist in project management and scheduling
3. Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related field (preferred)
2. Good communication skills
3. Proven experience in office administration or clerical roles Proficiency in MS Office suite and other relevant software Excellent organizational and multitasking abilities

6. Social Media Manager – 1

Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop and implement social media strategies to increase brand visibility and engagement Create and curate content for various social media platforms
2. Monitor and analyse performance metrics to optimize campaigns Engage with followers and respond to inquiries in a timely manner

1.Proven experience in social media management, including content creation and analytics Strong writing and editing skills
2. Familiarity with social media management tools.

7.  DTP Operator (Coral Draw, Shree Lipi Marathi Typing) for Book Publication – 2

Job Responsibilities:
1. Utilize Coral Draw software to design and layout book pages, covers, and illustrations, ensuring aesthetic appeal and readability
2. Expertly handle Marathi typing using Shree Lipi software for accurate and efficient composition of Marathi text throughout the book
3. Collaborate with authors, editors, and illustrators to bring book concepts to life through visually engaging layouts
4. Ensure adherence to formatting guidelines and printing specifications for seamless book production

1. Diploma or certification in Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, or related field Advanced proficiency in Coral Draw for book layout and design tasks
2. Extensive experience with Shree Lipi Marathi typing software for precise composition of Marathi text
3. Strong understanding of typography, layout design, and print production processes Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously


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